Sean Hartford's Favorite TV Shows of 2021

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Favorite TV shows of 2021:
This is the perfect series based on the perfect film. I love Will Forte so much and this series is the best.
This show has had its’ problems over the past few years, but this season is just soap opera at its finest. Also, can we talk about Rip being the best. Seriously Wings’ kid can do no wrong in my eyes. He’s the only character I find who is constantly striving to be a better person. Am I wrong here?
Sex Education
This is my favorite teen melodrama series going today. I felt this past season was a little disjointed and over the top (which is saying a lot because most of this series is over the top) but I constantly find myself wanting more when it is finished.
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Larry is still an asshole but his interactions with Tracy Ullman this season have made me laugh really hard. This show could be done and I would be happy or it could keep going and I would be happy.
I’m gonna miss Issa’s mirror talks. Seriously. Such a solid show.
Reservation Dogs
Funny ass coming age series. I love it.
What We do in the Shadows
This is arguably the best show on tv. It is so funny. Like you have to rewind to hear that line again, funny. If you have not watched this series, you need to.
Based on the books of the same name. Part comedy/ part fantasy, all entertaining.
Sean Hartford

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