Sean Hartford's Favorite Films of 2021

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Here are my favorite films of 2021:
It took three full watches of this film to get through it. It’s beautiful, intense, weird, gross, and most importantly heartfelt. I don’t want to reveal the plot because you just need to see it.
The melodrama found within this film feels almost unbearable at times but some of my favorite films always flirt with that terrible line. The fact is that melodrama works so well when it looks this good. The special effects were particularly good. I really liked this movie and I’m looking forward to the sequel.
Venom: Let There Be Carnage
90-minute action movies?! Let alone a comic book one?! That’s all you need. This series gets a bad rap for some odd reason. Turn your brain off and enjoy Tom Hardy channeling Mike Patton as he struggles through a growing romance with himself. Yeah. That’s the movie.
Night Raiders
Dystopian and poignant. A Cree woman fights to get her daughter back from the government that is trying to control her. I really hope they build this world with a series of films. You can rent it online now. Great stuff!
No Time to Die
No Time to Rest is a better title. This Bond film is nonstop action. It does not relent until the very end. I enjoyed it immensely.
The Spine of Night
This is Bakshi worship at its best. Fire and Ice X 1000 in the violence category. Some wonderful psychedelics permeate throughout as well. I hope they do a sequel.
Yet to be watched list: Licorice Pizza, Last Night in Soho, Nightmare Alley, the Spiderman movie, Pig, Ste. Anne
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