Psicosis Autograph Signing - April 26, 2019

Psicosis Autograph Signing - April 26, 2019

  • $25.00

In a groundbreaking deal, for the first time ever a lucha libre legend will headline a CWE tour with the CWE debut of 2x WCW Cruiserweight Champion Psicosis!

A true pioneer of the innovative and progressive style of professional wrestling you see today, Psicosis and a fellow by the name of Rey Mysterio turned the wrestling business upside down with what was considered one of the greatest matches of all time when the two debuted in the ECW Arena for Extreme Championship Wrestling.

This first of its kind match in North America sparked a revolution in the 90s that would see lucha libre become a featured attraction in ECW which would then be stolen right from under them in the heated Monday Night Wars by WCW.

The Cruiserweights took flight in WCW and Psicosis was at the forefront in the division many consider one of the major factors in what led WCW to overtake the WWF in the Monday Night Wars for 83 straight weeks.

After the wars were over it wasn't long until Psicosis was called to build a cruiserweight division as he head to the then WWE a part of the short term but highly popular and memorable Mexicools as well as some time in TNA competing in X-Division styles matches.

And that's just in North America! Psicosis is a living legend in Mexico and one of the biggest attractions of this generation for both AAA and CMLL.

First Row Collectibles is giving the opportunity to out-of-town fans to submit items for Psicosis to sign. If you don't have an item, we can supply an 8x10 photo at no extra cost.

We are accepting trading cards, photos, magazines, DVDs, action figures, t-shirts, etc. Please include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope along with payment.

Inscriptions are also available at no extra cost. Please leave instructions in Special Instructions for Seller.

All Send-In Items Need to Arrive No later than April 24, 2019.