Legends of Wrestling: Professional Wrestling & Sports Convention

On Saturday, February 18th Canadian Wrestling’s Elite will venture into a new adventure and its first officially hosted convention featuring the Legends Of Wrestling and professional sports athletes.

First Row Collectibles is proud to be a partner with Canadian Wrestling's Elite, offering collectors and fans from out-of-town an opportunity to purchase autographed 8x10 photos as well as a chance to send in your items to be autographed by the legends in attendance.

Mail-In Instructions

1.) All Items must be sent in and paid for in full AT LEAST 2 weeks BEFORE the event.

2.) All items must have your first and last name taped to the item with post it notes and any inscriptions or special instructions on the post it.

3.) You must have a description and list of your items with your name, return shipping address, Email and phone number printed on a sheet of paper.

4.) Please consider postal insurance if the item is very valuable.

5.) Buyer is responsible for return postage or SASE.

6.) Once you have pre-ordered, you will receive mailing information where to send your item(s).

If you have any addition questions, please email: greatestfivealltime@gmail.com