Incorporating Family Into The Hobby and Business

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If you've ever owned and operated your own online business/website, blog, or eBay Store, you will probably already know that listing and posting products and items can be a long and tedious task. A necessary one, but long and tedious.
With the help of my family, I perform this task on a nightly basis. This is something that I have conditioned myself to enjoy. What was once a long and tiresome task, is now a labor of love, and a way to unwind.
Over the years, First Row Collectibles, has evolved from a website operated by myself and a couple of buddies, to a family owned and operated collectibles business. I can honestly say that this collectible hobby and website could not function if it wasn't for the support of my family.
Once dinner is done, the evening workout is complete, and the kids have settled, my wife and I will organize cards, autographs, comic books, and other collectibles to be listed on the First Row Collectibles website. From time to time, I am also assisted in this undertaking by my son, who is also an avid collector. His collecting interests include Pokémon trading cards, hockey cards, and McFarlane figures.
Most of the time, we'll spend 45 minutes or so listing new items to the website. During this time, we will listen to music, talk about or day, or just enjoy each other's company. Along with operating First Row Collectibles, my wife and I work day jobs. Our children are also heavily involved in organized sports. We also enjoy movies, television, and attending sporting events. Like a lot of families, we keep a busy schedule.
The once long and tedious task of adding new products to the website is now another way our family spends time together. I'm fortunate enough to have a supportive family that enjoys a lot of the same things that I do.
If you own and operate your own business similar to mine, I strongly recommend getting your family on board. The repetitive day-to-day business endeavors won't seem like work at all.

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