Hot Seat Interview Curtis Howson - GoGTS Live S2, E7

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If you ever wondered who's behind First Row Collectibles, wonder no more. I recently did an interview with Rob Bertrand and Ivan Lovegren of Go GTS Live. In the interview, I discuss the hobby of collecting autographs through-the-mail. If you are an autograph collector, I encourage you to check out my blog dedicated to the hobby of autograph collecting, the Autograph Blog at
Tune in to Go GTS Live every Thursday at 9PM EST/6PM PST. They cover all of the latest hobby news and we preview the latest products by opening them right on the show. Instead of selling the hits, or selling spots into the break, THEY GIVE THEM AWAY! All you have to do is watch us on Livestream or Facebook live and follow our instructions during the broadcasts. It’s easy, not hard!

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